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NextNav is the developer of Metropolitan Beacon System (MBS), a wide area location and timing technology designed to provide services in areas where GPS or other satellite location signals cannot be reliably received. MBS consumes significantly less power than GPS, and includes high-precision altitude. In the United States, NextNav operates its MBS network over its spectrum licenses in the 920-9


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Contracts Manager (Former Employee) says

"I liked the people I worked with but I think the company lacks solid direction. I feel like the CEO didn't understand that every person who works or worked there were making an investment in the company and not just the companies that strike big checks. Information seems to go only one way.The team in Tysons was professional and understanding, top notch.Scattered focus, too many changes to goals and direction"

ASOCIATE ENGINEER (Current Employee) says

"Nextnav has a great idea for indoor location. 911 responders have major issues finding callers and this technology is quite promising. I have learned a lot about measuring altitude using barometric pressure, the coworkers are great, and the job is fun due to my ability to wear many hats.Rewarding application. This technology will save lives"